What makes Dying Light so great? | Mind Game #1/Review #2

Dying Light is a first person open world survival horror action-adventure video game developed by Techland and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. At first wow this is what I call a huge genre mix. I’m just missing fun-racer and economy simulation game then it would be perfect.

In my Gaming Story #2 a few days ago I wrote about my favorite online coop experiences and Dying Light was mentioned there. Today I will share my thoughts why Dying Light is a great game and the perfect legacy for Dead Island which is also awesome. I will put my thoughts into the categories plot, gameplay, graphic and sound. Let us begin!

Oh wait … I will just write about Dying Light and not about The Following, a Dying Light 1.5.


Dying Light is set in the city of Harran where a mysterious viral outbreak turns most of the innocent citizens into very aggressive zombie-like creatures. Players assume the role of Kyle Crane, an undercover agent sent to infiltrate the quarantine zone of Harran during his mission to find the rogue agent Kadir “Rais” Suleiman. After his arrive in Harran he is attacked by infected citizens and has to help other survivors while he come’s step by step closer to Rais.

The plot of Dying Light fits very well to the “zombie-apocalypse” scenario and mixes this genre with an agent-thriller and a adventure story. Also the characters are very interesting. Rais is a great villain and it’s to hunt/fight him during the game. Main character Kyle has enough personality to be interesting and that is very important because of the first person sight. There are many other interesting characters next to Kyle & Rais which gives the play side-quests, information’s or help him at missions.

A great details is the symbiosis of gameplay and side-quests. While finish more quests the level and main attributes are getting better and that means more skills. More skills is more fun to explore Harran and fight the creatures.


The gameplay is the heart of the Dying Light. Kyle has three main attributes (Power, Agility & Survival) and training this entire three is very important. Engaging in battle gives “Power Points”, while performing parkour movement, running and climbing helps to get “Agility Points” and finish quest help to earn “Survival Points”.  If the player earns experience, the can spend skill points on one of the three skills tree and upgrade Kyle with new skills.

Besides the earning of skill points has Dying Light a big focus at the survival part. The game contains a dynamic day and night cycle. During the day the player can look for supplies, sending back to safe zones, explore the city and more. The infected are slowly and dumb but when the sun goes down will the horror begin …

At the night the infected are more dangerous. Have better senses, can sprint, jump and climb to hunt the player down. The player can use traps and distractions to lower their numbers or using sound to lure them. Another opinion is using ultraviolet light to slow them down. Also there are not just “normal” infected at night. Mighty monsters called Volatile leave their hide outs to hunt.

With over 100 different weapons, three skills trees, awesome parkour movement and different types of enemies has Dying Light one of the best gameplay of all survival horror games and thanks to some gimmicks it’s amazing to explore the city of Harran.

Graphic & Sound

Dying Light looks very beautiful and has a very impressing open-world. The player can visit many differently places such as sea side district, the old town or old tunnels filled with death. Also there is an amazing creature art style which try’s to be more just an ordinary video game with zombies. It reminds me a little bit at Left 4 Dead but much more beautiful and sometimes more disgusting.

There is also a good soundtrack besides the graphics and art style. Especially the main theme fits perfect to the dark atmosphere of the game and create horror feeling. Also there is very good play of light and shadow which makes Dying Light very terrific but it’s exciting to explore dark tunnels or just walking threw the streets of this dead city. Everywhere can hide something awesome or just a infected citizens who wants kill the player.


All in all Dyling Light is a great game with many good ideas and it is the evolution of the Dead Island games. It’s awesome, funny and sometimes terrific to explore the City of Harran. Train the playable character, fight with the infected or just run away from using fancy parkour skills. Also it’s great to be outside in the night and fight the infected creatures. Dying Light is the perfect game for everyone who horror, open-world, survival or action-adventure games!

We will read/hear us in the next post. Have a good game!

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