Scarlet (first & second series)| Review [english review #3]

Scarlet is a comic book series written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Alex Maleev. The series was first published in 2010 under Marvels Icon Comics imprint and had 10 issues.

When Brian Michael Bendis went to DC Comics because of this work on Superman, his comics moved with him. Under the new DC Comics imprint Jinxworld all of his own comics were reprinted like Goldfish, Jinx and Fire. Unlike to many other Jinxworld comics Scarlet got a reprint and a second series. After reading the three paperbacks i’m finally ready to write about this amazing comic books.

If interesst here the links to the three german Scarlet reviews:

Synopsis: Scream for justice!

Scarlet Rue lifes together with her boyfriend Gabriel. After Gabriel got killed by a corrupt police detective and Scarlet wakes up from a coma because of the attack, she starts attacks on police officers to fight the corrupt system that rules the United States. Beginning in Portland the second american revolution rolls over the country. The mighty ones in the old system want’s to stop the revolution and everyone has to choose a side. A change is coming …

Okay this is just a short version of the story but i don’t want to give spoilers. Beside the main story of Scarlets way to justice the comic series tells many side story of her fellows which are also victims of violence, corruption, rassism or mobbing. The comic tells the story of normal people who getting up to fight for justice, their life and the end of a system who ignores the sorrows of the citizens. It’s amazing how brave the creative team is to tell a story with much social criticism.

Scarlet Rue is a very interessting main character and a perfect example for a strong woman. Her life lies in ruins but this give her the strength to fight the system.

A nice feature of this series is the break with the fourth wall. Scarlet Rue and some other characters speak directly to the ready. With this gimmick, the motives of the characters are explained and the personalities are worked out massively.

A big praise deserves the art style of an interesting development. With each issue, the style becomes a bit darker, which also clarifies the progress of the action.

In summary, I can only say that I do not regret reading Scarlet. The sociocritical treatment deals with many difficult topics and proves more than once the courage to point out shortcomings. In addition, there is an appealing character style and many interesting figures that are very strong but remain human despite everything. Currently Scarlet is my favorite among the Jinxworld comics and I think that will stay that way. I am curious how it will continue!

I give Scarlet the evaluation especially worth reading!

We read in the next post!

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