The Amazing Spider-Man (2018/19er Serie) #1 | English Review #7

Titel: The Amazing Spider-Man #1
Autor: Nick Spencer
Artist: Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn
Publisher: Marvel
Ära: Fresh Start

I think Marvel has only one great hero I probably will always like and as more and more single issues in my collection slip I would like to present these in short reviews. The Amazing Spider-Man # 1 (2018) is the fourth reboot of the series and is also part of Marvel’s „Fresh Start / Restart / Back to the Basics“ initiative, which unfortunately replaces my beloved Legacy era but back to the friendly Spider.

Amazing Facts about the Comic

Titel: The Amazing Spider-Man #1

Autor: Nick Spencer

Artist: Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn

Publisher: Marvel

Ära: Fresh Start

The friendly spider from the neighbourhood is back!

Peter Parker aka Spider-Man really does not have it easy. After sacrificing his company Parker Industries, the young hero returns to the Daily Bugle and desperately seeks an apartment with his best friend. However, when suddenly caught up in his past as Superior Spider-Man (Dr. Octopus’s mind was in Peter’s body), he loses his job, his reputation and his reputation both in the private and in the professional environment (as Spider-Man). The wanted isolation by Kingpin does his spare and also super villain Mysterio wants to come out big … I have to praise the comic for the successful balancing act. The Amazing Spider-Man is an entertaining introduction to the new series and is suitable for both newbies and veterans.

In addition, a well-known one element is used, that Spider-Man / Peter Parker seems miserable than all other superheroes (no matter which publisher) together. His problems are believable. Away from battles with super villains, Peter has money worries, has to look after an apartment and is worried about his reputation and his interpersonal relationships. All of this and a truly loving drawing style that captures both the youthful flair and purpose of an adult readership make The Amazing Spider-Man # 1 an outstanding experience that also demonstrates the dense Marvel Universe without being cluttered. I forgive the rating worth reading for The Amazing Spider-Man # 1!

That’s it from my side. We read in the next post. Have a good read!


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