What makes Murdered Soul Suspect so great? | Mind Game #8

Some time ago I wrote about Dying Light and what makes this game so great. Today I will made part two of this “series” with Murdered Soul Suspect (MSS), an amazing mystery/horror-adventure which no one seems to know. That’s too bad because the game tells a great main story with many spooky short stories alongside the normal game.

Like the last time I will write about story, gameplay and technique from the game and share my meaning with you.


Title: Murdered Souls Suspect

Developer:  Airtight Games

Publisher:  Square Enix

Platform: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC

Release: 2014

The player takes control over Ronan O’Connor who is a local police detective and hunts the mysterious Bell Killer. During tracking down the killer Ronan get’s shot to death by the murderer. He returns as a ghost and has to track down the killer one and for all to find peace and safe the city of Salem. During his mission he gets help from the medium Joy. Also the two learns about a danger from the world of the dead and more about the mysterious history of Salem.

The story of Murdered Souls Suspect is not very epic but it’s a very suspense full crime story with mystery and horror elements. Ronan is a pretty cool main character with an awesome background story with is told by his tattoos. Fun fact: Ronan O’Connor is one of the reasons why I love tattoos and why I want to have some! Also there are many side quests which are part of the adventure-gameplay. That means the player is looking for clues and this clues are part of a bigger ghost story. These stories are a pretty awesome and one of the best aspects of Murdered Soul Suspect.

Another good part of the game is the gameplay. Okay it’s also very simple but perfect for the detective/crime story. The player controls Ronan who visits different places to find information’s about the Bell Killer. Luckily he is a ghost what means that he can go threw most of the walls and doors. Also he can make unseen things aviable to see and speak with ghosts. Another important thing is the collecting of clues at the different places to move forward in the story, learn more about the killer and what is about the ghosts of Salem. Sometimes the player has to deal with demons but the fights aren’t very difficult. It’s a thing about hide and attack from the shadows.

Murdered Soul Suspect is a beautiful game with a great atmosphere. The different places are sometimes scary like an old house, a cemetery or an asylum. Salem is a perfect choice for the game because of the lore of this city and the past with the witches in and around Salem.

All in all Murdered Soul Suspect is a great mystery/horror-adventure with simple elements and mechanics but it makes fun and is perfect for horror/mystery fans or people who loves spooky ghost stories and a mini open-world with a great atmosphere. I really wish that more people know this awesome game see the qualities which I see.

I hope you enjoyed this post and we will read us next time. Have a good game!


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