Who is … The Batman who laughs? | Who is … ? #1

Welcome to the start of „new“ series. Who is … ? is the english version of Wer ist … ?. In this series i will show per post one comic/manga character and share my opinion of this character. When you take a look on my blog you will learn that i really love Batman and i like the DC comics event Dark Nights: Metal which shows us the Nightmare Batmen or the Dark Knights. Today i will write abou their leader …

Who is the Batman who laughs?

This character is a supervillian and evil counterpart/alternative version of Batman within the multiverse. He is a hybrid of Batman and his Archenemy the Joker which means he is one of the smartest, craziest and most dangerous beings in the multiverse. Also he has his first appearance in the crossover Dark Nights: Metal and got later his own series written by Scott Snyder, who creats this evil Batman and the other Dark Knights.

The Batman who laughs comes from Earth -22, a dark reflection of Earth-22 and was the Batman of this world until he become infected with the Joker chemicals which transformed him slowly into the mad Joker-Batman hybrid. The Joker of Earth -22 did horrible crimes after he learned the secret identity of Batman. He killed many of Batmans allies like Commissioner Gordon and wanted to create little „Batman-Joker“ monster when he killed parents in front of little children.

After getting killed by Batman the Dark Knight began to come alive. Then he turned his son Damian in mini-Joker and took over the Earth -22, while killing whole life of the planet and many of his former allies. When Earth -22 turned into a wasteland he got a offer from Barbatos, the god like being of the dark multiverse. To safe this empire of death he can join the Dark Knights and lead invasion of the bright multiverse. After come to the regular multiverse he conquers Gotham City and oversee the events at Challengers Mountain who arrives at the city. He intendend to destroy all of reality by linking the Anti-Monitor to Over-Monitors astral brain. His plan is destroyed when Prime-Earths Batman team-uped with Prime-Earth Joker and battled the Batman who laughs.

It seems the nightmare Batman is killed during the final battle against Barbatos but later it’s revealed that he is alive and get an offen by Lex Luthor to join the Legion of Doom. Also he has an appereance during the Doomsday Clock event.

Well the Batman who laughs is pretty cool character and an amazing supervillain who has an incredible IQ. Also he knows everything about the other heroes and that makes him even more dangerours then a Joker, a Lex Luthor or a Bane.

He doesn’t care about life and kills everything in his way to reach his goals. Also he use other villains for his plans like he did in Gotham City during Dark Nights: Metal. Very interesting are his „pets“. One of this mini-Jokers is his own son Damian Wayne and that says everything about the Batman who laughs humanity …

I hope we will have this character for many years in comic storylines and i hope that we try to make a second invasion from dark multiverse. At least i hope he will make an appereance at a live action movie one day.

This is truly a great alternate version of Batman but we will see many other ones in future posts …

See you next time and have a good read!

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