The Amazing Spider-Man #4 & #5 | English Review #12

Title: The Amazing Spider-Man #4 & #5
Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist: Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn
Publisher: Marvel
Era: Fresh Start

The friendly spider from the neighborhood returns with the finale of the „Back to the Beginning“ saga!

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Amazing facts

Title: The Amazing Spider-Man #4 & #5

Writer: Nick Spencer

Artist: Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn

Publisher: Marvel

Era: Fresh Start

What happened so far …

When Peter Parker loses not only his doctorate but also his good name because of his time as Superior Spider-Man, he falls into a depression, from which only his great love M.J. save. – The Amazing Spider-Man #1 –

During a very „normal“ school day with the lizard (Dr. Connors), the class of Black Ant and Taskmaster is attacked, who apparently want to steal an invention of the lizard. In an accident, Peter Parker is separated from Spider-Man, who saves the day, but from now on exists as a separate person. Once again there is chaos in the life of Peter Parker .. – The Amazing Spider-Man #2 & #3

Peter & Spider-Man are still separated from each other and it is hard for our hero to lead a life without superpowers, because he consists almost of pure selflessness and helpfulness. When he was Connors learns by accident that his invention of the isotope accelerator has led to the death of two mice that were shared in the train of an experiment, running out of time for Peter. Either he and Spider-Man get together again or both will die. A race against time begins, because Spider-Man is not interested in a reunion …

I like the sound the issues are posting 4 & 5. Not too serious but not too clumsy. The centerpiece is Peter’s life without super powers and how difficult it is to help him, even though he is just a normal person. A certain tension curve is also noticeable, which builds up slowly to the end and heralds the next big storyline when a particular hunter returns to Manhattan (?).

Visually, the two editions also fell and here too, the tone between seriousness and humor makes itself felt. Add to that a certain visually stunning staging that brings just the bit of epic a Spider-Man comic needs.

In summary, the finale of the „Back to the beginning“ saga knows how to please the plot as well as the drawing style. One can not deny the current The Amazing Spider-Man series a certain charm, which also creates a pull effect and entertains away through the bank.

Therefore, I forgive the rating worth reading for The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 3 (Issues 4 & 5) and look forward to the next story arc!

That’s it from my side. We read in the next post. Have a good read!

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