The Immortal Hulk Vol. 3 Hulk in Hell | English Review #12

Titel: The Immortal Hulk Vol. 3: Hulk in Hell
Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Joe Bennett, Kyle Hotz
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Pages: 112
Release: 15.5.2019

Welcome to the preliminary last The Immortal Hulk review, as Volume 4 will not be released until the fall of 2019. Hulk is in hell and this band was a hell of fun!

Why? Now you will learn that!

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Facts about the comic

Titel: The Immortal Hulk Vol. 3: Hulk in Hell

Writer: Al Ewing

Artist: Joe Bennett, Kyle Hotz

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Pages: 112

Release: 15.5.2019

What happened so far …

Bruce Banner aka Hulk is dead. He was dead. Back among the living, Bruce / Hulk goes in search of something that haunts him in his head. A door, a green door. Hunted down by the military and former friends, the green giant with the discreet aggression issues is on its own, but the hulk has changed.

The Immortal Hulk Vol. 1 (englisch)

He became more dangerous and even the Avengers could hardly hurt him. In the course of a brutal fight with Absorbing Man, who has absorbed something from the hulk, the green door is completely pushed open. A shadow from Banner’s past brings hell over New Mexico …

The Immortal Hulk Vol. 2 (englisch)

Hulk, Absorbing Man, Puck and Mcgee are trapped in hell while Brian Banner, Bruce’s father, has separated his son from the Green Giant. In order to rescue Bruce, escape from hell and the earth in front of the gamma monsters, the troupe must not only face the ruler of this dimension, but also a terrible army of monsters and the red hulk. Hulk receives unexpected support from Rick Jones, who actually died.

No sooner has the troupe escaped from hell than there is a frightening development. Carriers of gamma energy return from the dead, but why? This question remains open …

Despite the many battles and the sometimes grotesque body horror, the third The Immortal Hulk Band is very storylastig and chooses an almost metaphysical approach. The questions who is God? Is there a god? What is hell? and what is the devil? give the comic an unusual depth for a superhero comic but Immortal Hulk is out of the norm anyway.

Away from the action scores the band with countless strong images and especially the fight in hell literally overflows with excellently staged fights, which also underscore the monstrosity as a theme of the current series. But I also have to nag something, that is very rare anyway. Three draftsmen have been involved in the editions of this band, and one notices this especially in Issue 14. While editions 11, 12, 13 & 15 were drawn by Joe Bennett, Kyle Hotz took over issue 14 and this break in style tore you completely out, yes , the Hulk is well staged, but the rest has a bit too grotesque for me. But the Flashbacks of issue 12 looks awsome!

The third The Immortal Hulk Band cuts a fine figure and continues to expand its profound, metaphysical action, except for the flaw in issue 14’s optics. Add to that a healthy portion of action, which was brilliantly staged, thanks to the fundamentally appealing drawing style.

In the end,The Immortal Hulk Vol. 3: Hulk in Hell is a very good sequel and a very exciting comic with many strengths but only a painful weakness.

Therefore, I give the rating worth reading!

That’s it from my side. We read in the next post, have a good read! :3


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