Hott Fuzz | English Review #13

Title: Hot Fuzz
Direted by Edgar Wright
Run time: 121 minutes
Genre: Comedy, thriller, action movie
Year of publication: 2007

In the review of Unicorn Store, I said I really do not like comedy and that is true to a few exceptions (Jumanji, Baywatch, Game Night) and against Hot Fuzz I resisted for a long time.

I am glad to have seen the movie and why that is so you will learn now!

Film’s Core Facts

Title: Hot Fuzz

Directed by Edgar Wright

Run time: 121 minutes

Genre: Comedy, thriller, action movie

Year of publication: 2007

Nicolas Angel lives for his job as a police officer in the metropolis of London.

However, when his achievements cast a bad light on his colleagues, he is transferred to the small, sleepy village of Sandforf. Once there, he takes his job at the local police, gets to know the different villagers and becomes part of the neighborhood guard.

Immediately Sandforf is hit by a series of murders and Nicolas faces a gigantic conspiracy. He receives support from his own ranks only from the somewhat stupid Danny Buttermann, son of the police chief of the village.

For Nicolas begins the hardest case of his career ..

I have to praise the cast, who has many well-known actors, who obviously enjoyed their role. Be it the former James Bond Timothy Dalton as market leader Skinner, Martin Freeman as police sergeant in London or the „bloodhound“ actor Rory McCann as Michael Armstrong. All these familiar faces give the film a certain quality, namely recognition.

Thanks to numerous well-known actors in larger roles, they also become more prominent and help the film to remain uncommonly in the collective memory.

In addition, dozens of cameos of British actors or people from the film industry, who come from the Commonwealth of Nations such as Peter Jackson. I also have to praise the action, which is over the top in places but so charming and fast-paced. Anyway, Hot Fuzz exudes a lot of British charm, which is noticeable in just about every area. Be it landscape shots, dialogues, the action or the tempo in which the plot is told.

Everywhere you notice this certain British something that distinguishes Hot Fuzz from American genre mates.

In addition, the film was very well translated into German, which is rare, especially in British films!

All in all, Hot Fuzz is a very entertaining comedy-thriller genre mix that maintains its 2-hour runtime throughout and barely has lengths. The characters are personable and charming, the plot is exciting but also the action, especially in the final, like.

Thus, it is my pleasure for Hot Fuzz to award the rating especially worth seeing!

That’s it from my side. We read in the next post!

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