The House with a Clock in Its Walls | English Review #14

Title: The House with a Clock in it’s walls
Directed by Eli Roth
Runtime: 106 minutes
Genre: Horror
Releasr: 2018

I know and appreciate Eli Roth because of his horror movies of the harder gait like Hostel, Cabin Fever or The Green Inferno. I was all the more surprised when he directed The House with a Clock in it’s walls.

Yes, the movie is a horror movie, but without splatter, Gore and blood, but has other qualities, which I now explain!

Core facts:

Title: The House with a Clock in it’s walls

Directed by Eli Roth

Runtime: 106 minutes

Genre: Horror

Releasr: 2018

Lewis Barnavelt lost his parents shortly before the plot began. In order to avoid landing in an orphanage, he ends up with his uncle Johnsthan in the small town of Zebedee in Michigan. Life is not easy for Lewis due to his extrovert nature, but he quickly establishes a good relationship with his uncle and his neighbor, best friend Florence.

Soon, Lewis notices strange events in his uncle’s house and learns of his identity as a sorcerer. He joins Johnathan and Florence, who are also magically gifted, in finding a clock in the house that has unimaginable power.

When the evil sorcerer Isaac is revived because of a stupid accident, a race against time begins, because the end of the world is threatening and everyone is beating the hour …

The House with a Clock in it’s walls is a classic horror movie that does not require blood and other „colorful“ elements of the genre, but puts a huge focus on the atmosphere.

The film also succeeds exemplary, through the use of numerous clichés such as a property full of secrets, mystical beings, magic art and magicians and ticking clocks but also scary dolls. In many places, the film creates a spooky atmosphere that is surprisingly dense, for a scary movie that also has kids as its target audience. In addition to the many features of a horror movie, the house of mysterious watches is often funny and varies between subtle humor and simple slapstick. With types of humor, the atmosphere relaxed and serve as a pleasant antipode to the horror movie!

A truly high praise deserves the cast. Especially Jack Black as a funny but serious magician Johnathan convinces all along the line. Next to him, Cate Blanchett as Florence and Owen Vaccaro know how to please Lewis. Kyle MacLachlan plays the sinister witcher Isaac Izard, whose performance not only imposing, but also creates a certain horror.

Sure, this villain is a clichéd evil magician, but the film makes his clichés extremely charming! Technically, the film also likes to please. The main venue, the magical house, is brimming with lovable details that exude both charm and horror, giving the film a very special atmosphere.

In summary, the House with a Clock in it’s walls is a cliché-filled horror film that does not require violence or blood, but offers a strong atmosphere and many charming characters.

Technically as well as scenically, the film also pleases and it is quite outstanding how effective a horror film can be, which also has children as a target group. Thus, the House with a Clock in it’s walls is a charming, atmospheric mystery horror movie suitable for both children and adults and proves that director Eli Roth can also produce horror movies that can do without blood, splatter and gore.

I forgive the well-deserved rating worth seeing+ for this film, because you get offered a special genre representative here!

That’s it from my side. We read in the next post!

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