Batman: Curse of the White Knight Book One | English Review #18

Titel: Batman: Curse of the White Knight
Writer: Sean Murphey
Artist: Sean Murphey
Publisher: DC Comics
Relase: 2019
Label: DC Black

Batman: White Knight was one of my favorite comics of the year 2018. The bigger the anticipation for the sequel Curse of the White Knight, whose first issue is already rocking!

Some time has passed since the events of Batman: White Knight Story. Jack Napier is again Joker and sits in Arkham Asyulm, but plans something big. When he manages to break out, he begins to put his plan into action. Batman clings to the heels of his arch-enemy, but has to cope with the death of Alfred and explore the past of Gotham City and his own family.

Something big is coming up and the dark knight will get a new nemesis …

I have to praise the beginning of the comic whose aesthetics is more like a horror comedy than a superhero comic and reminds me of Castlevania.

After entering, the scene changes to a classic Batman crime story, which creates a pleasant contrast and immediately hits the sound of its predecessor. The gloomy atmosphere is further intensified by the extremely appealing drawing style and exudes a certain uniqueness at the same time.

In addition to the built-in elements of the story and the visual presentation, the comic takes enough time to look into Bruce Wayne’s psyche and to express both his inner pain and his anger. It also refers directly to the events in White Knight, when Batman almost brought down.

Furthermore, the joker oscillates between self-hatred, typical madness and a certain manipulative streak as he sends a certain veteran with a sword to a divine mission.

All in all, Batman: Curse of the White Knight is a successful entry into the sequel to White Knight and convinces all along the line. The bridges to the predecessor are beaten meaningfully and at the same time the comic builds up its new story excitingly. I’m curious how Waynes‘ past will coincide with Batman’s present and, ultimately, future. Although it’s a standardized formula, it’s fun to see Batman fight the Joker again.

If you liked Batman: White Knight or are looking for a visually appealing comic or are looking for an exciting Batman story, you can safely access it here. I forgive for Batman: Curs of the White Knight Book One the rating worth reading!

That’s it from my side. We read in the next post!

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