Batman: White Knight | English Review #17

Titel: Batman: White Knight
Writer: Sean Murphey
Artist: Sean Murphey
Publisher: DC Comics
Relase: 2018
Label: DC Black

Batman: White Knight is one of the best Batman stories ever. Reason enough to write an english version of the review. This is not a story about Batman but about the Joker and the first comic of the DC Black Label.

The story does not follow Batman, but the Joker, whose real name is Jack Napier, who is put by Batman during a chase in a warehouse for pharmaceutical products. In the face of Nightwing, Batgirl, and the GCPD elite, Batman nearly beats the Joker to death and stuffs dozens of drugs into his throat. Joker dies from this brutal attack but is experiencing a fundamental change. Exempted from his madness, Jack Napier wants to give Gotham City back to its citizens and launch a revolution that outlays Batman, „cleans“ GCPD, and gets Mayor Hill into serious trouble with corruption.

While Batman still stoically fights Jack Napier, a far worse threat grows in the shadows. With the help of Clayface and Mad Hatter, the new super rascal Neo Joker manages to assemble an army of the worst criminals to bully Gotham and revive the old joker. A fight for the future Gotham City is getting ready …

Batman: White Knight is undoubtedly one of the best stories about the old bat that has appeared in recent years. The focus on the Joker is very refreshing and shows thanks to the premise a completely new image of Batman’s archenemy. Here, too, the similarity between the figures is clear, although the methods are completely different. In addition, comes Batman’s fanatical distrust of the Joker and his differences with Dick Grayson aka Nightwing to wear, because even between these two vigilantes is not all right.

Likewise, I have to praise the drawing style. Thanks to many shades, hard contours and a generally gloomy style, the equally gloomy story comes into its own. In addition, the depiction of the characters, both heroes and villains, is very successful and the Dr. Ing. Jackyll / Mr. Hide principle of Jack Napier / Joker was successfully implemented. This complete package is rounded off by a continuously rising voltage curve as well as a balanced mix of dialogue and action.

Finally, I must praise author / illustrator Sean Murphey for his work, as Batman: White Knight is just as intriguing a joker story as Batman’s story. The interplay between the two characters who want to save Gotham is exciting and takes an interesting turn towards the end. Batman: White Knight is clearly one of the best comics of the year 2018 and gets the rating particularly worth reading from me. Every DC / Batman fan should have read this comic!

That’s it from my side. We read in the next post!


Thoughts about the E3 2019

The E3 2019 is over and today I would like to share my thoughts on this year’s fair with you. This contribution will be available separately in both German and English. Key participants in this year’s E3 (including press conferences) were Microsoft, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Bethesda, Square Enix, and Devovler Digital, as well as their own PC gaming show. For the first in the history of E3 Sony was not represented.

Like every year, I’m only marginally following the E3 and focusing more on games with tangible release dates and various new announcements. I will not go into the Nintendo PK in this post, there will be a Nintentalk podcast. I will make a separate paragraph per manufacturer / publisher and add something to my mustard if possible. Incidentally, a huge praise to Nintendo, who have once again managed to leak no leaks !!


The Xbox is not known to interest me at all (more) and so I do not even care about the exclusive titles although the upcoming Halo looks very interesting and I associate very good memories with Gears of War (currently only Gears).
However, at the Micrsofot press conference, Cyberpunk 2077 (Sci-Fi RPG from CD Project Red – the Witcher developers), Blair Witch (horror play from the first person perspective – reminiscent of Outlast) and Tales of Arise were announced. Despite my problems with the Tales of Franchise, I am looking forward to this JRPG.

Bethesda Softworks

In addition to Nintendo my highlight publisher of the E3 2019. In addition to news on Fallout 76 and Rage 2 was also shown something about the nostalgic Commander Keen series but my highlights are the upcoming games. With Wolfenstein Cyberpilot VR, the Playstation VR gets high-quality new food and first-person shooter fans get their money’s worth with the co-op shooter Wolfenstein: Young Blood and Doom Eternal. Personally, I am very pleased that the modern Wolfenstein series is experiencing such a hype and I’m looking forward to writing more about this series.

In addition, developer legend Shinji Mikami comes up with a new horoscope called GhostWire: Tokyo. Since I was able to curb my dislike of The Evil Within, I am very optimistic about this game.

Devolver Digital and PC Gaming Show

Both PKs offered hardly any highlights for me until the upcoming Baldurs Gate 3.


Old Master Ubisoft presented some novelties. Watch_Dogs Legion, among other things, looks very interesting and shows the potential in the Watch_Dogs brand, even if the basic principle is always the same, but that’s the same with Assassin’s Creed. This brand was completely absent but there were two new interesting for me interesting with Gods and Monster and Roller Champions. In addition, the brand Tom Clancy will be very heavily served in the future.

Square Enix

Also Square Enix, another Nippon heritage developer, was on hand to showcase the Final Fantasy franchise, including the startling release of the Final Fantasy 7 remake, a Final Fantasy VIII remastered, the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles remakes and several other remastered’s. Except for information on Dragon Quest Builders 2 (an absolutely terrible Minecraft game I think), Dragon Quest XI and Kingdom Hearts 3. The interesting new announcements for me were Outrider, Oninaki and Marvel’s The Avengers.

That’s what my thoughts about the E3 2019 were. So far, I was positively surprised by the show and there were some very interesting announcements and surprises. My top 5 highlights were (Nintendo excluded to avoid spoilers for the podcast!):

Doom Eternal
• Blair Witch
• Cyber ​​Punk 2077
• GhostWire: Tokyo
• Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

More thoughts on the E3 2019 will follow in the upcoming episode of Nintentalk. Your opinion and thoughts about E3 are welcome in the comments!

Gedanken zur E3 2019

Die E3 2019 ist vorbei und heute möchte ich meine Gedanken zur diesjährigen Messe mit euch teilen. Dabei wird dieser Beitrag sowohl auf Deutsch als auch in Englisch separat verfügbar sein. Wichtige Teilnehmer der diesjährigen E3 (mit Pressekonferenzen) waren Microsoft, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Bethesda, Square Enix, Devovler Digital und es gab eine eigene PC Gaming Show. Zum ersten in der Geschichte der E3 war Sony nicht vertreten.

Wie jedes Jahr verfolge ich die E3 nur am Rande und konzentriere mich mehr auf Spiele mit greifbaren Erscheinungsdaten sowie diversen Neuankündigungen. Auf die Nintendo PK werde ich in diesem Beitrag nicht eingehen, dazu wird es einen Nintentalk Podcast geben. Ich werde pro Hersteller/Publisher einen eigenen Absatz machen und dazu etwas meinen Senf dazugeben, sofern möglich. Übrigens ein riesiges Lob an Nintendo, die es mal wieder geschafft haben keinen Leaks durchsickern zu lassen!!


Die Xbox interessiert mich bekanntermaßen überhaupt nicht (mehr) und somit sind mir auch die Exklusivtitel fast völlig egal obwohl das kommende Halo sehr interessant aussieht und ich mit Gears of War (aktuell nur Gears) sehr gute Erinnerungen verbinde.

Allerdings wurden auf der Micrsofot Pressekonferenz unter anderem Cyberpunk 2077 (Sci-Fi RPG von CD Project Red – den Witcher Entwicklern), Blair Witch (Horrorspiel aus der Ego-Perspektive – erinnert an Outlast) und Tales of Arise angekündigt. Trotz meiner Probleme mit dem Tales of Franchise freue ich mich auf dieses JRPG.

Bethesda Softworks

Neben Nintendo mein Highlight-Publisher der E3 2019. Neben Neuigkeiten zu Fallout 76 und Rage 2 wurde auch etwas zur nostalgischen Commander Keen Serie gezeigt, aber meine Highlights sind die kommenden Spiele. Mit Wolfenstein Cyberpilot VR bekommt die Playstation VR hochwertiges neues Futter und Ego-Shooter Fans kommen mit dem Coop-Shooter Wolfenstein: Young Blood und Doom Eternal voll auf ihre Kosten. Mich persönlich freut es sehr, dass die moderne Wolfenstein Serie so einen Hype erlebt und ich freue mich darauf mehr über diese Reihe zu schreiben.

Außerdem kommt von Entwicklerlegende Shinji Mikami ein neues Horrospiel namens GhostWire: Tokyo. Da ich meine Abneigung gegenüber The Evil Within etwas bändigen konnte, bin ich sehr optimistisch, was dieses Spiel angeht.

Devolver Digital und PC Gaming Show

Beide PK’s boten für mich kaum Highlights bis auf das kommende Baldurs Gate 3.


Altmeister Ubisoft präsentierte einige Neuheiten. Unter anderem Watch_Dogs Legion, dass sehr interessant aussieht und zeigt welches Potenzial in der Watch_Dogs Marke liegt, selbst wenn das Grundprinzip immer gleich ist, aber das ist bei Assassins Creed nicht anders. Diese Marke war allerdings völlig abwesend, aber dafür gab es mit Gods and Monster und Roller Champions zwei für mich interessante Neuankündigen. Außerdem wird die Marke Tom Clancy in Zukunft sehr stark bedient werden. Einzig Beyond Good and Evil 2 habe ich vermisst.

Square Enix

Auch Square Enix, ein weiterer Traditionsentwickler aus Nippon, war vertreten und präsentierte einiges zum Final Fantasy Franchise wie den überraschenden Release vom Final Fantasy 7 Remake, einem Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, dem Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remake und diversen weiteren Remastered’s. Außer gab es Infos zu Dragon Quest Builders 2 (einem absolut schrecklichen Minecraft-verschnitt wie ich finde), Dragon Quest XI und Kingdom Hearts 3. Die für mich interessanten Neuankündigungen waren Outrider, Oninaki und Marvel’s The Avengers.

Das waren soweit meine Gedanken zur E3 2019. Allgemein war ich von der Messe positiv überrascht und es gab einige sehr interessante Ankündigungen und Überraschungen. Meine Top 5 Highlights waren (Nintendo ausgeklammert, um Spoiler für den Podcast zu vermeiden!):

  • Doom Eternal
  • Blair Witch
  • Cyber Punk 2077
  • GhostWire: Tokyo
  • Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

Mehr Gedanken zur E3 2019 folgen dann in der kommenden Episode von Nintentalk. Eure Meinung und Gedanken zur E3 sind in den Kommentaren willkommen!

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