The nice details of Far Cry 3 Classic Edition | Mind Game #9

I’m currently playing (among others) the Far Cry 3 Classic Edition on the Playstation 4 because I’ve been battling my backlog.

One thing can already be said; Far Cry 3 deserves its own review and is a great game, but today I am „only“ to have some nice details this game offers!

Let’s start with the healing animation right away. If protagonist and „adventure vacationer“ Jason no Medikits or similar has some ready-made first aid sequences. The interesting thing is the variance of the scene. For example, if Jason falls from a certain height and injures himself, a bone fracture will be treated. In animal attacks Krass / bite wounds are connected and if hit by bullets, shrapnel or similar, the projectiles are pulled out of the body. This may not sound particularly spectacular BUT I love these details and commendable for having thought of how to implement such a sequence into gameplay at Ubisoft!

A tradition, besides the healing animation, is the fire. Weapons such as flamethrowers and / or Molotov cocktails always provide entertainment in the Far Cry games. Even though the extent of fires has been scaled back compared to the second part, it still looks very impressive when larger areas are in flames. By that I do not mean that it’s fun to bunch the Far Cry games, but the high-quality animations of the fire and how it understandably spreads.

However, what Far Cry 3 raises above the clover and thus heads to the top of the series is the main character Jason. Sure Rogue Vaas may be the figurehead of Far Cry 3 but compared to other offshoots in the series, the third part has a real protagonist with character that evolves as the story progresses. He speaks, pursues goals and leads dialogues with other people. Since other Far Cry games are lacking in interesting protagonists, Part 3 is an outstanding part of the franchise.

To the final, a visual detail. The underwater world of Far Cry 3 looks great and above all realistic, with different shades of blue, depending on the depth of the water. In addition, there are occasional shark attacks that come completely unexpectedly.

I like Far Cry 3. The game is full of great details and is an outstanding part of the high quality standard of the series. Meanwhile, I can understand much better why this part is so popular and I’m looking forward to writing the review about this game.

That’s it from my side. We read in the next post!


Batman: Curse of the White Knight Book One | English Review #18

Titel: Batman: Curse of the White Knight
Writer: Sean Murphey
Artist: Sean Murphey
Publisher: DC Comics
Relase: 2019
Label: DC Black

Batman: White Knight was one of my favorite comics of the year 2018. The bigger the anticipation for the sequel Curse of the White Knight, whose first issue is already rocking!

Some time has passed since the events of Batman: White Knight Story. Jack Napier is again Joker and sits in Arkham Asyulm, but plans something big. When he manages to break out, he begins to put his plan into action. Batman clings to the heels of his arch-enemy, but has to cope with the death of Alfred and explore the past of Gotham City and his own family.

Something big is coming up and the dark knight will get a new nemesis …

I have to praise the beginning of the comic whose aesthetics is more like a horror comedy than a superhero comic and reminds me of Castlevania.

After entering, the scene changes to a classic Batman crime story, which creates a pleasant contrast and immediately hits the sound of its predecessor. The gloomy atmosphere is further intensified by the extremely appealing drawing style and exudes a certain uniqueness at the same time.

In addition to the built-in elements of the story and the visual presentation, the comic takes enough time to look into Bruce Wayne’s psyche and to express both his inner pain and his anger. It also refers directly to the events in White Knight, when Batman almost brought down.

Furthermore, the joker oscillates between self-hatred, typical madness and a certain manipulative streak as he sends a certain veteran with a sword to a divine mission.

All in all, Batman: Curse of the White Knight is a successful entry into the sequel to White Knight and convinces all along the line. The bridges to the predecessor are beaten meaningfully and at the same time the comic builds up its new story excitingly. I’m curious how Waynes‘ past will coincide with Batman’s present and, ultimately, future. Although it’s a standardized formula, it’s fun to see Batman fight the Joker again.

If you liked Batman: White Knight or are looking for a visually appealing comic or are looking for an exciting Batman story, you can safely access it here. I forgive for Batman: Curs of the White Knight Book One the rating worth reading!

That’s it from my side. We read in the next post!

Batman: White Knight | English Review #17

Titel: Batman: White Knight
Writer: Sean Murphey
Artist: Sean Murphey
Publisher: DC Comics
Relase: 2018
Label: DC Black

Batman: White Knight is one of the best Batman stories ever. Reason enough to write an english version of the review. This is not a story about Batman but about the Joker and the first comic of the DC Black Label.

The story does not follow Batman, but the Joker, whose real name is Jack Napier, who is put by Batman during a chase in a warehouse for pharmaceutical products. In the face of Nightwing, Batgirl, and the GCPD elite, Batman nearly beats the Joker to death and stuffs dozens of drugs into his throat. Joker dies from this brutal attack but is experiencing a fundamental change. Exempted from his madness, Jack Napier wants to give Gotham City back to its citizens and launch a revolution that outlays Batman, „cleans“ GCPD, and gets Mayor Hill into serious trouble with corruption.

While Batman still stoically fights Jack Napier, a far worse threat grows in the shadows. With the help of Clayface and Mad Hatter, the new super rascal Neo Joker manages to assemble an army of the worst criminals to bully Gotham and revive the old joker. A fight for the future Gotham City is getting ready …

Batman: White Knight is undoubtedly one of the best stories about the old bat that has appeared in recent years. The focus on the Joker is very refreshing and shows thanks to the premise a completely new image of Batman’s archenemy. Here, too, the similarity between the figures is clear, although the methods are completely different. In addition, comes Batman’s fanatical distrust of the Joker and his differences with Dick Grayson aka Nightwing to wear, because even between these two vigilantes is not all right.

Likewise, I have to praise the drawing style. Thanks to many shades, hard contours and a generally gloomy style, the equally gloomy story comes into its own. In addition, the depiction of the characters, both heroes and villains, is very successful and the Dr. Ing. Jackyll / Mr. Hide principle of Jack Napier / Joker was successfully implemented. This complete package is rounded off by a continuously rising voltage curve as well as a balanced mix of dialogue and action.

Finally, I must praise author / illustrator Sean Murphey for his work, as Batman: White Knight is just as intriguing a joker story as Batman’s story. The interplay between the two characters who want to save Gotham is exciting and takes an interesting turn towards the end. Batman: White Knight is clearly one of the best comics of the year 2018 and gets the rating particularly worth reading from me. Every DC / Batman fan should have read this comic!

That’s it from my side. We read in the next post!

DCEASED #1 | English Review #16

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: James Harren, Stefano Gaudiano, Trevor Hairsine
Publisher: DC Comics
Relase: 2019
Label: DC Comics

The ending starts here … or something like that. Dceased is a comic event that addresses a zombie apocalypse on Earth. Of course, the series plays outside of the DC mainstream, but this does not change the fact that the comic is thematically very interesting and fits perfectly with Halloween!

Darkseid comes to Earth, but is provided by the combined power of the Justice League. To the surprise of the heroes Darkseid pulls back without much of a stir, because he has what he wants. A short time later, the League notes that the member Cyborg is missing. That hero was deported to Apokolips, Darkseid’s homeworld. With a techno-organic virus, cybord is sent back to earth and chaos takes its course. The virus transmits to the Internet and transforms humans (as well as meta-beings) into murdering beasts. While chaos erupts in Gotham, Batman shields his system, but is called by Alfred desperately keeping the infected Red Robin and Nightwing in check …

Dceased starts a bit lengthy, but from the half of the issue shows his potential and quickly enters the horror after the short exposure. The cause of the „zombie apocalypse“ is more creative with the technical virus but compared to Puls (similar theme but different implementation and a different genre) comes the danger from the inside of the hero, albeit rather involuntarily.

Visually, the comic pleases very well and thanks to the use of dark shades, the settlement in the horror genre is implemented extremely coherent. The scenes on Apokolips seem eerie but also very atmospheric thanks to dark red tones. In the finale of the issue, you’ll see a Batman struggling with the first spurs of disaster at his estate, and the cliffhanger at the end is just as shocking as it is nasty.

In summary, the first issue of Dceased is a solid entry that tells a simple premise and provides a strong visual staging. For fans of DC comics, zombie scenarios and / or horror comics Dceased is made for you. I forgive the rating worth reading!

That’s it from my side. We read in the next post!

What makes Murdered Soul Suspect so great? | Mind Game #8

Some time ago I wrote about Dying Light and what makes this game so great. Today I will made part two of this “series” with Murdered Soul Suspect (MSS), an amazing mystery/horror-adventure which no one seems to know. That’s too bad because the game tells a great main story with many spooky short stories alongside the normal game.

Like the last time I will write about story, gameplay and technique from the game and share my meaning with you.


Title: Murdered Souls Suspect

Developer:  Airtight Games

Publisher:  Square Enix

Platform: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC

Release: 2014

The player takes control over Ronan O’Connor who is a local police detective and hunts the mysterious Bell Killer. During tracking down the killer Ronan get’s shot to death by the murderer. He returns as a ghost and has to track down the killer one and for all to find peace and safe the city of Salem. During his mission he gets help from the medium Joy. Also the two learns about a danger from the world of the dead and more about the mysterious history of Salem.

The story of Murdered Souls Suspect is not very epic but it’s a very suspense full crime story with mystery and horror elements. Ronan is a pretty cool main character with an awesome background story with is told by his tattoos. Fun fact: Ronan O’Connor is one of the reasons why I love tattoos and why I want to have some! Also there are many side quests which are part of the adventure-gameplay. That means the player is looking for clues and this clues are part of a bigger ghost story. These stories are a pretty awesome and one of the best aspects of Murdered Soul Suspect.

Another good part of the game is the gameplay. Okay it’s also very simple but perfect for the detective/crime story. The player controls Ronan who visits different places to find information’s about the Bell Killer. Luckily he is a ghost what means that he can go threw most of the walls and doors. Also he can make unseen things aviable to see and speak with ghosts. Another important thing is the collecting of clues at the different places to move forward in the story, learn more about the killer and what is about the ghosts of Salem. Sometimes the player has to deal with demons but the fights aren’t very difficult. It’s a thing about hide and attack from the shadows.

Murdered Soul Suspect is a beautiful game with a great atmosphere. The different places are sometimes scary like an old house, a cemetery or an asylum. Salem is a perfect choice for the game because of the lore of this city and the past with the witches in and around Salem.

All in all Murdered Soul Suspect is a great mystery/horror-adventure with simple elements and mechanics but it makes fun and is perfect for horror/mystery fans or people who loves spooky ghost stories and a mini open-world with a great atmosphere. I really wish that more people know this awesome game see the qualities which I see.

I hope you enjoyed this post and we will read us next time. Have a good game!

The Amazing Spider-Man (2018/19er Serie) #1 | English Review #7

Titel: The Amazing Spider-Man #1
Autor: Nick Spencer
Artist: Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn
Publisher: Marvel
Ära: Fresh Start

I think Marvel has only one great hero I probably will always like and as more and more single issues in my collection slip I would like to present these in short reviews. The Amazing Spider-Man # 1 (2018) is the fourth reboot of the series and is also part of Marvel’s „Fresh Start / Restart / Back to the Basics“ initiative, which unfortunately replaces my beloved Legacy era but back to the friendly Spider.

Amazing Facts about the Comic

Titel: The Amazing Spider-Man #1

Autor: Nick Spencer

Artist: Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn

Publisher: Marvel

Ära: Fresh Start

The friendly spider from the neighbourhood is back!

Peter Parker aka Spider-Man really does not have it easy. After sacrificing his company Parker Industries, the young hero returns to the Daily Bugle and desperately seeks an apartment with his best friend. However, when suddenly caught up in his past as Superior Spider-Man (Dr. Octopus’s mind was in Peter’s body), he loses his job, his reputation and his reputation both in the private and in the professional environment (as Spider-Man). The wanted isolation by Kingpin does his spare and also super villain Mysterio wants to come out big … I have to praise the comic for the successful balancing act. The Amazing Spider-Man is an entertaining introduction to the new series and is suitable for both newbies and veterans.

In addition, a well-known one element is used, that Spider-Man / Peter Parker seems miserable than all other superheroes (no matter which publisher) together. His problems are believable. Away from battles with super villains, Peter has money worries, has to look after an apartment and is worried about his reputation and his interpersonal relationships. All of this and a truly loving drawing style that captures both the youthful flair and purpose of an adult readership make The Amazing Spider-Man # 1 an outstanding experience that also demonstrates the dense Marvel Universe without being cluttered. I forgive the rating worth reading for The Amazing Spider-Man # 1!

That’s it from my side. We read in the next post. Have a good read!

What makes Dying Light so great? | Mind Game #1/Review #2

Dying Light is a first person open world survival horror action-adventure video game developed by Techland and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. At first wow this is what I call a huge genre mix. I’m just missing fun-racer and economy simulation game then it would be perfect.

In my Gaming Story #2 a few days ago I wrote about my favorite online coop experiences and Dying Light was mentioned there. Today I will share my thoughts why Dying Light is a great game and the perfect legacy for Dead Island which is also awesome. I will put my thoughts into the categories plot, gameplay, graphic and sound. Let us begin!

Oh wait … I will just write about Dying Light and not about The Following, a Dying Light 1.5.


Dying Light is set in the city of Harran where a mysterious viral outbreak turns most of the innocent citizens into very aggressive zombie-like creatures. Players assume the role of Kyle Crane, an undercover agent sent to infiltrate the quarantine zone of Harran during his mission to find the rogue agent Kadir “Rais” Suleiman. After his arrive in Harran he is attacked by infected citizens and has to help other survivors while he come’s step by step closer to Rais.

The plot of Dying Light fits very well to the “zombie-apocalypse” scenario and mixes this genre with an agent-thriller and a adventure story. Also the characters are very interesting. Rais is a great villain and it’s to hunt/fight him during the game. Main character Kyle has enough personality to be interesting and that is very important because of the first person sight. There are many other interesting characters next to Kyle & Rais which gives the play side-quests, information’s or help him at missions.

A great details is the symbiosis of gameplay and side-quests. While finish more quests the level and main attributes are getting better and that means more skills. More skills is more fun to explore Harran and fight the creatures.


The gameplay is the heart of the Dying Light. Kyle has three main attributes (Power, Agility & Survival) and training this entire three is very important. Engaging in battle gives “Power Points”, while performing parkour movement, running and climbing helps to get “Agility Points” and finish quest help to earn “Survival Points”.  If the player earns experience, the can spend skill points on one of the three skills tree and upgrade Kyle with new skills.

Besides the earning of skill points has Dying Light a big focus at the survival part. The game contains a dynamic day and night cycle. During the day the player can look for supplies, sending back to safe zones, explore the city and more. The infected are slowly and dumb but when the sun goes down will the horror begin …

At the night the infected are more dangerous. Have better senses, can sprint, jump and climb to hunt the player down. The player can use traps and distractions to lower their numbers or using sound to lure them. Another opinion is using ultraviolet light to slow them down. Also there are not just “normal” infected at night. Mighty monsters called Volatile leave their hide outs to hunt.

With over 100 different weapons, three skills trees, awesome parkour movement and different types of enemies has Dying Light one of the best gameplay of all survival horror games and thanks to some gimmicks it’s amazing to explore the city of Harran.

Graphic & Sound

Dying Light looks very beautiful and has a very impressing open-world. The player can visit many differently places such as sea side district, the old town or old tunnels filled with death. Also there is an amazing creature art style which try’s to be more just an ordinary video game with zombies. It reminds me a little bit at Left 4 Dead but much more beautiful and sometimes more disgusting.

There is also a good soundtrack besides the graphics and art style. Especially the main theme fits perfect to the dark atmosphere of the game and create horror feeling. Also there is very good play of light and shadow which makes Dying Light very terrific but it’s exciting to explore dark tunnels or just walking threw the streets of this dead city. Everywhere can hide something awesome or just a infected citizens who wants kill the player.


All in all Dyling Light is a great game with many good ideas and it is the evolution of the Dead Island games. It’s awesome, funny and sometimes terrific to explore the City of Harran. Train the playable character, fight with the infected or just run away from using fancy parkour skills. Also it’s great to be outside in the night and fight the infected creatures. Dying Light is the perfect game for everyone who horror, open-world, survival or action-adventure games!

We will read/hear us in the next post. Have a good game!

Abzû [PS4]| Review [english review #1]

Name: Abzû
Developer: Giant Squid Studios
Publisher: 505 Games
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC 
Genre: Adventure
Release: 2016 (PS4, PC, Xbox One), 2018 (Switch)

The mysterious depths of the sea have a special place in my heart and mind since i’m child. Luckily i found Abzû, a little adventure set in the ocean!

Core facts about the game

Name: Abzû

Developer: Giant Squid Studios

Publisher: 505 Games

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

Genre: Adventure

Release: 2016 (PS4, PC, Xbox One), 2018 (Switch)


Set in vasted ocean the player takes on the role of a female diver exploring the ocean and bring back the life with magical springs. The narrative of the game is told wordlessly and based on Sumerian myths and the concept of the cosmics ocean. The story of Abzû is based on the myths of the ocean goddes Tiamat and the fresh water god Abzu. The latter also served as the patron saint of the title. Main themes in the game are the creating of life and exploring the world benath the surface.


The player explores the ocean, finds secrets and learn more about ancient technology in the ocean. Following a linear way the play will unlock new areas and has to solve some item-based riddels to visit a new area.

The player directs the diver using complete analogue control and can grab onto bodies of larger marine animals and ride on them. Each area sports hidden collectibales for the diver to find.

Graphic & Soundtrack

Abzû has a amazing art style with different colours to create a world under water that shows how diverse the ocean is. Areas near the surface have lighter colours and areas in dept of the sea have a dark color scheme. Matching the beautiful graphics, Abzû has a very cohorent soundtrack that perfectly emphasizes the peaceful & mysterious atmosphere the ocean.


All in all, Abzû is a lot of fun and a very entertaining adventure. The game scores through the beautiful look, the relaxed soundtrack and the excellent atmosphere. Especially the mysterious essence of the ocean is perfectly captured. Likewise, the gameplay entertains. I forgive Abzû the evaluation worth playing.

We read in the next post! Have a good game!

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